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Communication Skills for Project Managers: Respectful Confrontation

Book Cover: Joe Weston - Respectful Confrontation

I teach Leadership in Georgetown University’s Project Management Certificate Program. Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of working with another great group of committed students who were moving through the Spring intensive program. This cohort had a longer-than-usual discussion about preventable communication breakdowns, and asked me to share my experience: I have often met project managers whose skills ranged from very competent to exceptionally talented, that avoided difficult conversations until it was too late. The more experienced students suggested “cover your ass” techniques, but their suggestions still avoided what was perceived as confrontation.

Gratitude Practice for Project Managers: 3 Reasons to Thank Your Team

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At one time, LinkedIn endorsements were little more than a way to publicly pad your friend’s resume — “you write me a positive endorsement, and I’ll do the same for you”. Remove the quid pro quo, and they become a very generative way to produce public identity for someone you respect, trust, or appreciate. The Project […]