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Project Manager Leadership Development Program (PMLDP) --  [1-day | 8 PDUs]

Project Managers (PMs) are increasingly called to lead their teams through complex projects. Astonishingly, the failure rates for large projects have not improved despite:

  • professional certifications and higher standards for who we designate as project managers
  • greater access to best practices, tools, research, and training on how to run projects

Increasingly, projects have the certified PMs they need, with access to an encyclopedia of best practices and other resources to succeed. So, why do 90% of projects over $1 million still fail?


Most certification programs do not discuss leadership, conduct any leadership assessments, or invite PMs to develop their leadership skills.

Throughout the instructor's careers, we have observed that the most effective project managers were also strong leaders. As we explored this hypothesis, our research uncovered interesting facts.

In the context of business:

  • Project Management ranks as the third most in-demand skill

When 600 senior executives around the globe were surveyed:

  • 95% agreed that certain leadership skills were necessary for organizational success
  • 75% agreed that new employees lacked these critical skills

In the research conducted among project managers, the top skills they declared as both essential and deficient among their fellow PMs were:

  • (Self Development as) Impact and Influence
  • Team Leadership
  • Concern for Order, Quality, and Accuracy

What You Will Get From Our 1-Day Workshop

  • a new definition of leadership, and an inventory of desirable leadership qualities
  • ways to assess yourself as a leader, and practices to cultivate your leadership presence
  • learn leadership moves essential to effective project management
  • discover a framework to clarify your communications as a Project Manager
  • resources to continue your leadership exploration and development after the course concludes
  • PMI credential holders will receive 8 Professional Development Units

What Past Participants Have Said

I really enjoyed the various group activities. It helped me to discover new things about myself and will open new doors in the future. Great concepts and techniques that I look forward to applying in the future.


[You] created the space for everyone to participate in the exercises whether they were comfortable or not. This led to some good conversations. I enjoyed the course tremendously.


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